Millennium Video & Security, Inc. was founded on a philosophy of excellence and the best value.  We have been providing professional and quality work 24 hours 7 days a week since 1998. 

 Our expertise is in covert video, digital CCTV, access controls and intercoms.  We adhere to a service philosophy on the consideration that people deserve to be treated with respect by those who enter their place of business and/or their homes.  We excel in our service and the highest quality of work that will make people recommend us with confidence to friends and neighbors.  

 Millennium Video & Security, Inc’s number one assets is our reputation with our clients.  We have an extensive foundation of repeat clients and a growing list of new business generated from enthusiastic referrals.

 Our clients are the foundation to our CCTV business.  Our mission is to set standards of excellence for providing camera security systems to clients at their business or in their homes.  Our company's success, which is being cost effective and having high quality equipment, has been founded on our dedication to providing the latest technology.

 We understand that investing in a security systems is a major decision and involves quality materials and knowledgeable installers.  The questions you need to ask are:

    * Does the installer understand your needs?  

         1.) Do you need details on the persons faces, or the whole room?

         2.) What type of cameras do you need?

         3.) Would you benefit from an IP Network system?

         4.) What is your budget?   

         5.) Wired or wireless cctv system?

    * When comparing CCD camera you need to compare.

         1.) Lux rating - (light level)  With good low-light capability will have a lower lux rating.

         2.) Resolution - The sharper the image the higher the resolution rating should be.  Resolution is the number of horizontal TV lines that make up a picture.  The more line of resolution per picture the better the clarity and you will be able to identify a person that is committing a crime.

     * Make sure the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) also has the same or higher resolution. If your DVR system has lower resolution then your recording will not be as clear as your live mode.

      * The monitor should also have the same or higher resolution.

      * Ask about the warranty.  

We are a family owned business that takes pride in what we do and where we live.  We offer other local business special pricing.  Ask our security professional today!

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